Diary Archive 2022

Books I've read

I began listing the books I had read in January 2006, just before a friend and I started a new book club. After almost 13 years, I've finally got around to putting the list online.

Radio phone-in

I often listen to James O'Brien on LBC but I have to do it in the evening on catch-up because I'm at work in the day. Yesterday I was listenting to LBC live for a change and decided to call in.

Beyond measure

Britain has been brought low by the most shameless, amoral, xenophobic and corrupt government in our modern history. In one of the latest attempts to distract the populus from its behaviour, the government is running a consulation on bringing back imperial measures. I wish this were a joke.

A much loved aunt

A confident and beautiful young woman, turned slightly to the side, is looking straight at you with a knowing look

The last of her generation. As much a defining part of my life as my parents, siblings and children. Farewell and thank you. The photograph here shows a nearly 18 year old Marion Girton, taken 21 August 1949 by my father, Roy Archer.