Diary Archive 2017

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The Astounding Ilustrated History of Science Fiction

Fron tcover of an early edition of Jules Verne's A Journey To The Interior of the Earth

My minor obsession with collecting first editions of British science fiction novels, and writing about it here, led to me making a trivial contribution to a beautiful new book.


The box cover of the Werewolves of Millers Hollow

My proselytisation and love of the game beloved of tech conferences like SXSW and W3C TPAC

Organ Donation

In the event of my death, be in no doubt: my organs and tissue may be used as most needed.


Week 1 in the new job


World Wide Web Consortium, W3C

An emotional day at the office

Claire North

Author photo of Claire North (Cat Webb)

Claire North (a nom de plume of Cat Webb) is a remarkable author who has, as far as I know, achieved the rare feat of actually coming up with brand new ideas.


The poster for the 2016 film Denial. Timothy Spall, Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson are featured.

Denialism is a subject that fascinates and scares me. I have a vague plan to study it fully when I retire, so this film, released in the 'post-truth' era of Farage and Trump, was timely and impactful.