site policies


The only cookies used on this site are those set by Google Analytics.

This is used by countless Web sites for basic analysis of traffic. Google may be tracking you (OK, they are) but I'm not.

You can thwart Google analytics by disabling scripting support in your browser &masdsh; the presentation and any functionality of the site will be unaffected.

URI Persistence

Most of the content of this site appears under the 'diary' which is dated. This is a reflection of the way that, for example, the W3C Web site is managed — it makes it easy to promise that pages won't be deleted. The intention is that once a page is published on this site it will continue to exist indefinitely. I may need to edit a page (perhaps to remove a broken link) but the page will persist. Very rarely I may decide to reoraganise some of the content of some pages and may therefore no longer include a link to an existing page. Nevertheless, it will continue to exist so that any link to it will not be broken.

I intend to maintain this site for as long as I or the Web survive. Beyond that of course I cannot promise anything — although I am seriously trying to think of a business model for continuing to host sites beyond the owner's death and hope that one or both of my children will be willing to pick up the baton one day. A Web site like this is a barely ordered stream of material that one can only assume will be of no value whatever to future historians. It is not a reflection of all of me, only that fraction that I choose to make public. Nevertheless, it is public and I intend it to continue to remain available for as long as possible.