Diary Archive 2020

No flag waving for me

My parents and grandparents' generations sacrificed a lot in two world wars. How come I'm not waving a flag today?

Tackling scam email & defeating the trackers

Some of my colleagues are frustrated by my insistence on using plain text email. Here's why I do it …

Not all standards are equal

Having worked in and around standards for 20 years, I dare to think I know what a standard actually is by now.

I want to be able to enjoy Tito's in Hadleigh in future

The outside of Tito's Restaurante - part of a terraced building about 200 years old.

If you want local businesses to survive the effects of the Coronavirus, please support them.

Let's not burn books

Pages of a book burning in a small fire

Most people recognise the value of old books — it's how humanity passes information on from one generation to the next. In my own field, preserving digital documents is just as essential and useful as preserving physical objects.

GS1 Digital Link — a lot of old ideas

The aim of my work at GS1 is to connect our system of identifiers for products, shipments and more, to the Web. It's about combining two very mature technology stacks. Despite that maturity, 'GS1 Digital Link' is seen as 'new' and 'innovative.' Well, yes, it is innovative, but it's not new and no one involved in the project invented any of it.

Despair and loathing

The European Union flag

My work gives me the privilege of travel. With no more than a handful of exceptions, everyone I meet on those travels thinks the UK has taken leave of its senses in its decision to leave the European Union. They are right, and I am ashamed to be British.