I call this a diary rather than a blog. It's the page where I add or link to new stuff with content arranged in date order, rather than where I regularly write short pieces on what I'm doing… although some of this does read rather like a blog.

The Schmähkritik of Jan Böhmermann

I am greatly saddened to learn that under German law, and at the request of the Turkish government, comic Jan Böhmermann can be prosecuted for insulting Turkey's odious president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Eulogy for a radio

a perspectuve view of a large 1980s bedside radio
My old alarm clock radio. The wire on top is a remnant of when it was positioned at the far end of my teenage bedroom - it was the remote control

As this site more than hints, radio has always been an important part of my life. Sadly, the physical device that has been by my companion for 35 years has finally had to go the way of all things. A remarkably poignant moment.

Thoughts on the EU Referendum

Since 2000 I have had the huge privilege of travelling all over Europe as part of my work. This year so far, for example, I have been to Brussels, Paris, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Dublin, Pisa, Budapest and Zagreb. I am lucky therefore to know and work with a lot of people across our continent. That experience naturally shapes my view of the issues around the forthcoming EU referendum in which I will definitely be voting to remain.

I've tried to capture some of the arguments as I see them – I plan to add more in the coming weeks.

Applying for a Second UK Passport

I've spent the whole of today making sure I have a passport so I can go to the Netherlands next week whilst my application for a Chinese visa is being processed. Since a single passport can't be in two places at once there is only one possible course of action: get a second passport. If I had known earlier what I know now, it would have taken a lot less time so I thought I'd share what I've discovered.

National Indoor Hockey Junior Club Championships

A memorable day at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre in Nottingham for all the right reasons as Harleston Magpies were crowned Under 18 National Indoor Hockey champions.

Suspicious Translations

I'm getting repeated requests to link to an Estonian translation of my CV. Sadly, I find this to be very suspicious.

Workshops, Bar Camps and Stopwatches

One of the things I do as part of my work is to organise workshops. Having done this 8 times now, I thought I'd share some key experiences that seem to work well. Firstly: keeping to time. This isn't hard but does seem to be rare (which I find frustrating and, on some occasions, downright rude). Secondly: bar camps. These are a terrific way to end the event on a high with people fired up and ready to put new plans into action.