I call this a diary rather than a blog. It's the page where I add or link to new stuff with content arranged in date order, rather than where I regularly write short pieces on what I'm doing… although some of this does read rather like a blog.


I tend to use a lot of abbreviations in my e-mails which sometimes prompts the question: what exactly do you mean?

Swinson, Johnson and Corbyn

Yesterday, Jo Swinson was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats. Today, Boris Johnson will become leader of the Tory party and, tomorrow, Prime Minister. Unlike Johnson and Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition (Jeremy Corbyn), Jo Swinson actually is fit to be Prime Minister.

A bench for Mum and Dad

The back of a bench is in the foreground showing its view across a broad bay

With the passing of my mother last year, my siblings and I dedciated a bench to their memory at Newport Parrog, Pembrokeshire.

A new profile pic

Phil Archer, photographed in 2012. The outgoing avatar Phil Archer photographed November 2018 at GS1 Sweden, the new avatar

New Year... time for a new profile pic. The one I've been using for a while was a snapshot taken by Wendy Bailey at a social function in October 2012 and, well, it's had its day.

The new one was taken on 27 Novemner 2018 by a professional photographer, Maria Uhlin, from the Validoo Photo Studio at GS1 Sweden - hence the supermarket-like background. There's a high resolution of this available which was cropped from the original.

I can't help but notice that there's less hair and more chins - oh and, yes, that's a EU flag in my button hole and, OK, it's a statement.

With a bit of luck, this will do for the next 5 years at least. Thanks to Maria and GS1 Sweden for letting me use this royalty-free.

Guilt and shame in equal measure

I really ought to be in London today, marching with 100,000 others in favour of a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal

What’s wrong with PDF and why is HTML better?

Adobe's PDF logo The acronym HTML above a shield with the number 5 emblazoned on it

The Web community has difficulty expressing just how much it hates PDF. Prompted by recent events and onging discussions at GS1, here's an attempt to explain why.

I'll decide which browser I use, thank you

Sorry, this is just a rant about a company I've never dealt with telling me what browser I have to use in order to access stuff I've already bought.

Well meaning safety idea that's fundamentally wrong

It's a long time since I worked in online safety but I was pleased to be asked to comment on a proposal from one of that domain's key players. I am a lot less pleased about the proposal itself.

My Mum, Rona Archer

Some words about my dear Mum who died very recently. So much to remember …

Hintlesham and Chattisham Community Council

A partial screenshot of the new Hintlesham and Chattisham Community Council website

A small contribution to the community.

The Astounding Ilustrated History of Science Fiction

Fron tcover of an early edition of Jules Verne's A Journey To The Interior of the Earth

My minor obsession with collecting first editions of British science fiction novels, and writing about it here, led to me making a trivial contribution to a beautiful new book.