Suspicious Offers of Translation

It is with increasing frequency that I get messages from people who have translated a page on this website. The first time it happened was when I was offered a Serbo-Croatian translation of my Skype Scribe tool. I've since been offered a Ukrainian translation of that page which I linked to until just now when I checked – the Ukrainian site seems to be entirely blank now although it's not a 404. Other pages on this site have been translated too and until now I have been happy to link to those translations.

Of course it is very flattering when someone says they like what you've written so much that they want to make it available in their language. In the cases I've had, they've always been eastern European languages, all of which are under represented online: Croatian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Estonian, Romanian etc.

But I'm increasingly suspicious of this activity. The latest request for a link is to a translation of my CV into Estonian. Sorry, but why on earth would anyone want to read my CV in Estonian? The translator is someone with a Romanian name, writing from a Gmail account (so there's no affiliation to go on). A quick search for the name brings up only three references, all of which are links to pages they've translated. There's no commonality of topic in those pages and none of them are other people's CVs. Since I don't speak other languages, I can't check the veracity of the translation - they could all just be Google translations for all I know.

I wish I weren't so suspicious. I wish I could believe that the motive people have for translating pages on this site was as stated – to make its content available in minority languages - but I rather suspect it's all about getting links for SEO purposes.