Melissa Etheridge

When I was working on Radio Orwell/Saxon Radio in 1989, presenting an evening programme aimed at teenagers called Streatbeat, Island Records was celebrating its 30th anniversary. As part of the promotion for its newly signed artist, Melissa Etheridge , I was able to interview her although sadly only by phone, I didn't actually get to meet her. At the time she was promoting her second album, Brave and Crazy and I had a CD single of the stand out song from her first eponymous album, Like the Way I Do.

The interview was recorded on 6th September 1989 and, after I'd edited it and mixed it with various tracks from the new album and the live CD, was broadcast on 12 days later on the 18th.

Listen to the interview as broadcast on Radio Orwell & Saxon Radio in 1989 (MP3).

Addendum 2023-12-23 The following table, and the code behind it, was an experiment with embedded data. On this occasion, I used RDFa, a format that is now rarely used. It's clunky and I found it hard to do. Unsurprisingly, including a block of JSON-LD is the norm these days.

TitleInterview with Melissa Etheridge
InterviewerPhil Archer
IntervieweeMelissa Etheridge
Recording date
Transmission date
Radio stationRadio Orwell/Saxon Radio (Suffolk Group Radio)
Includes songs Similar Features
Bring Me Some Water
You Can Sleep While I Drive
Brave and Crazy
No Souvenirs
Like the Way I Do