The Protocol for Web Description Resources allows you to make statements about lots of resources at once - typically everything on a Web site. That sounds remarkably simple to do, I know, but, as they said when Beelzebub did his national service, the devil is in the detail*. POWDER transports RDF triples and attributes them to a named entity. To actually extract the triples you need to do some processing and have a specific 'candidate IRI' to describe. Within certain restrictions, it can be processed purely as XML but it can also be transformed into OWL so you can do full semantic processing.

Having chaired the working group (and the Incubator Group that preceded it), I am inexorably linked to POWDER for good or ill and this page is where I collect any related tools and news.

For chapter and verse on POWDER, including all the specs, namespace documents and XSLTs, see the POWDER Working Group home page.


POWDER Processors

Other POWDER Tools

Other tools/scripts I write that are not specific to POWDER are listed separately.

* I admit that I nicked that joke from Stephen Fry.