Brexit Day

A candle is on a dining table, seen from outside the house looking in on a dark night

This is the day my country becomes less important than it was yesterday.

This is the day my citizenship is wrenched from my hand.

This is the day when my country's economic prospects are diminished; when its standards of food production begin to fall and when its workers’ rights, however imperfect, have reached their zenith.

This is the day when xenophobia, ignorance, and narrow mindedness triumphs over openness, cooperation and shared effort towards goals that can only be achieved if we work together, when isolationism puts an end to the collaboration that is necessary if we are to halt the destruction of our planet.

This is the day when delusion and misinformation displaces empiricism and analysis.

This is the day we turn our backs on our closest partners, our shared history and our shared values.

This is the evening I burn a candle to shine light into the darkness.

No, Mr Johnson, I will not unite behind you. You and your like are the architects of division; you are the opposite of that which heals.

You, Gove, Stuart, Hannan, Hoey, Duncan Smith, Rees-Mogg, Baker, Cummings, Elliot, Corbyn and more, have brought shame on our country.

I am proud to be European; tonight, more than ever, I ashamed to be British.