Why I immediately dislike Rakuten

Many years ago, I started using a movie on demand service called Blinkbox. It was owned by Tesco at the time and I liked it because it was pay as you go. We watch films so rarely that any monthly subscription would be a waste of money. Tesco sold Blinkbox to Talk Talk who have just sold it to Rakuten.

In order to 'keep my library', that is, in order to still have access to the films I have paid for, I need to agree to log in to the new Rakuten service and click lots of boxes to say I agree to their T&Cs. In the midst of this process I did something you and I rarely do - I actually clicked the link to look at the T&Cs. And this is what I got:

screenshot of the Rakuten page telling me that my browser is archaic and that I should upgrade to a newer one. They then list 4: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, with Chrome as the default.
The screen I was presented with when trying to read Rakuten's terms and conditions

So here's a company with whom I have had no former dealings, saying that I must agree to their terms in order to still have access to films that I have paid to own - and who are further telling me that I have to use their choice of browser in order to see those T&Cs. Hence my instant dislike.

I have nothing against any of those browsers. I use Firefox a lot and recognise that Edge is a world away from the dark days of Internet Explorer. I choose not to use Chrome because, well, I just don't trust Google not to be tracking my every move, even though people I know and respect at Google assure me they're not.

My browser? Vivaldi. That is, the very modern browser made by the people who used to make Opera. Vivaldi is based on Webkit - so it's very much like Chrome in many respects - but it has the navigational shortcuts that I find very useful. It is as up to date and standards compliant as any of the ones Rakuten wants me to use.

Perhaps Rakuten would like to employ someone who knows a bit about the Web before they make any more ignorant assertions?

The question is: do I throw away my ownership of about 20 films on principle? Probably not, i.e. I'll have to agree to terms I can't read. But I don't feel inclined to buy any more from Rakuten's house of dodgy practice.