On turning 50

Today I turn 50.

So what? It is of no consequence to anyone but it's a milestone and some reflection seems at least excusable.

I want for nothing, I really am incredibly lucky. I have two children of whom I am constantly proud and a wife I love. I live in a nice house and am surrounded by comforts and luxuries. It's also my workplace — a situation that suits me particularly well — and while my family look on and wonder just what it is I actually do all day, I'm doing a job I thoroughly enjoy and that I find immensely satisfying. I get to travel: Washington, Rio, Shenzhen, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brittany and more are all in the calendar for 2013.

What do I want for my birthday, people ask.

What more could I possibly want other than to celebrate by saying a heartfelt thank you to the family, friends, teachers and colleagues that have shaped and enriched my life.

In 50 years I have never been more grateful.