In Praise of SNH Electrical

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After a lot of umming and ahhing, last weekend we ordered an induction hob. It looked good and would go well with the new oven we'd had installed.

Surprisingly, John Lewis wasn't able to arrange installation. Presumably this is due to the fact that our branch only opened a couple of weeks ago and they haven't got their local installation team sorted yet. No worries, we'll find an Ipswich Electrician — which we duly did: SNH Electrical.

It was a name out of Yellow Pages, we had no prior recommendation but I'm happy to give one now.

Simon Hance came to visit us at the arranged time and we looked up the power rating of the new oven and the newly ordered induction hob, compared with the available power. The two didn't match. Simon advised us that in order to install the hob we'd have to have a new 30 Amp connection to the fuse box which is an old model for which new high current connectors are no longer available and so we'd almost certainly need to replace the entire fuse box. Not to mention serious disruption to install the cable itself.

Simon spent a lot of his time the next day looking for a solution, phoning the manufacturers, looking up specs, trying to find a way to avoid having to replace the fuse box but to no avail. He was responsive, professional obviously knowledgable and did his best to help us.

As things stand, we're about to take delivery of an induction hob that we're going to return immediately when we go and choose a gas hob — BUT — when we next need an Ipswich based electrician, we'll have no hesitation in contacting SNH Electrical.