In Praise of Simon Shield Cars

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Just a short post here to thank Simon Shield for spending a lot of his time advising me and my wife on a possible car purchase today. We've been umming and ahhing over replacing the main family car this year and this morning we went to take a look at one that could well be what we replaced it with. In the end we've decided to stick with the one we have (and spend some money fixing a few things). But we're only able to make that decision based on the expert advice of someone who stood to benefit from persuading us to buy a new vehicle from him. He didn't actually advise us not to buy a car from him of course, but he was clearly being very honest in his assessment of our existing vehicle, what it needed doing to it, what it was worth if we didn't spend that money and so on.

Come the time when we do decide to buy a new car, I'd be happy to buy it from Simon Shield Cars.