January Sailing

Like many people, I've always associated sailing with summer, or at least, seen it as something you didn't do in winter. Thanks to the experienced Ken Handley, I was able to put that restriction to bed today.

Leaving the boatyard - passing lost of empty moorings

Getting out of the boatyard was a lot easier than normal as so many of the boats that normally line the channel were out of the water. But we did hit a bit of a snag early on. The channel to Martlesham Creek Boatyard is anything but straight - and you need to keep in it if you don't want to spend a lot fo time stuck on the mud. Thankfully, it's well marked… normally.

Heading out of the creek - no marker buoys in sight
Ken Handley at the helm of Tiki on the Deben, 23/01/2011

Ah well, not to worry, I've done it several times and Ken has been in and out of the creek loads of times so we were able to remember where to go. Even so, it was a relief to make it in and out without incident.

Getting on the water in January might be seen as a tad masochistic but it was a terrific therapy for both of us. We spent most of the time afloat grinning from ear to ear, and, suitably wrapped up, it really wasn't cold. I was very pleased with a thick sailing jerkin I'd bought for just such occasions when I visited the island of Ouessant in Brittany. I reckon the weather could have been a good deal colder and/or the wind a lot keener and I'd have still felt warm enough. Must get some proper gloves though - my city gloves really aren't ideal!

And how as the sailing? Fantastic. Just fantastic to get out on the water with plenty of space on the river and enjoy the feel of the boat doing what she was built to do, even with just the genoa up.

Sailing well on the Deben, 23/01/2011

23 January 2011
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