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This a place to talk a little about my work away from W3C and generally include other stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere on the site.


MetaCert Logo

From time to time I do my best to act as an advisor at MetaCert. Nothing formal and certainly not a paid position but it's a company I know well and if I can offer any advice then I'm happy to do so.

The company is the culmination of many years' work by Paul Walsh, Dave Rooks and others, who I worked with closely on the creation of POWDER. The company provides critical labelling services for the .xxx Top Level Domain and has an impressive, and growing, database of adult sites that is the bedrock for its products - all of which are free to consumers.

East Suffolk Line Walks

East Suffolk Line logo

Many years ago a friend introduced me to local walking enthusiast Roger Wolfe. He'd worked with organisations like the East Suffolk Travellers' Association on creating a series of walks along the rural railway line from Ipswich to Lowestoft that he wanted to put on the Web.

The East Suffolk Line Walks Web site was the result and it's one I had great pleasure in creating and maintaining until late 2012 when I had to admit that I no longer have the time to maintain it and regretfully handed on to a new webmaster.

AV Unit

AV Unit, Sound Advice with Vision Back in the mists of time when I was working in local radio, I made part of my living by doing voice overs. I still keep my hand in by doing occasional voice work, notably for the AV Unit. As well as the usual mix of corporate promotional and instructional videos, the work includes doing the voice over inserts for awards nights - real 'voice over man' stuff! Next time I'm there I must ask for a copy of some audio so I can add it here…

Ipswich & East Suffolk Hockey Club

Ipswich and East Suffolk Hockey Club logo

No, I don't play but I'm the only member of the family that doesn't - someone has to stand and cheer, ferry players to and from the pitch and so on. It is therefore largely through a process of osmosis that I am absorbing the sport. Occasionally I may be heard shouting something like 'Come on IES' and once in a while may mention hockey on Twitter.