Doctype and Viewport Tester

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This tool will generate a simple Web page showing the first chapter of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The tool is provided so that you can test the effect, if any, of different doctype and viewport declarations on different devices.

You can use your own stylesheet if you so wish: every element on the page has an id for you to hook on to.

The default stylesheet defines a very simple layout with just a couple of features included that are designed to show the actual width of the page.


I created this in response to various questions raised by participants in the W3C Mobile Web and Application Best Practices course. What effect does each of the different parameters of the viewport meta element actually have? How come when I use XHTML Mobile Profile it seems devices assume a viewport width of device width without a specific meta element being declared?

So, this tool lets you easily see a document with different doctypes and viewport meta elements and test it on whatever devices you can get hold of. The markup in all versions of the page is valid.