With the exception of only short periods of my life, I've always enjoyed reading. This enjoyment began to grow particularly when I started reading science fiction (Asimov's Foundation, Wyndham's Trouble with Lichen etc). That, in turn, led to a minor obsession with collecting science fiction first editions and I now collect first editions of all kinds, ideally signed first editions, as well as the sci-fi.

In late 2005, a friend, Kate, said that she wanted to start a book club. In February 2006 we had our first meeting and we've kept it up since then. I remain the only male member in a group that has grown and shrunk over the years but Kate and a few other stalwarts have stuck with it from day 1 or from as close to day 1 as makes no difference. The point of any book club is to read books you wouldn't come across otherwise. Some have been complete duds. I've given up on a few after a few chapters and there has been at least one I couldn't care to even start. In contrast, of course, there have been many terrific reads. It was a book club member that introduced me to Claire North, for example.

I keep a list of books I've read, usually with a brief - very brief - summary of whether I enjoyed it or not. These cannot be described as reviews. No, it's just a list if stuff I've read in chronological order. I may have missed a few but it's the only record I have and I want to preserve it by inlcuding it here. At the time of writing, late December 2022, the Word doc in which I write these notes is 85 pages long and is not a reliable long term record. I can't think this list will be of interest to anyone else - it's just a personal archive.

  1. Books read in 2006
  2. Books read in 2007
  3. Books read in 2008
  4. Books read in 2009
  5. Books read in 2010
  6. Books read in 2011
  7. Books read in 2012
  8. Books read in 2013
  9. Books read in 2014
  10. Books read in 2015
  11. Books read in 2016
  12. Books read in 2017
  13. Books read in 2018
  14. Books read in 2019
  15. Books read in 2020
  16. Books read in 2021
  17. Books read in 2022
  18. Books read in 2023
  19. Books read in 2024