W3C logo I had a lengthy history with W3C, stretching from somewhere around 2003 through to my departure in June 2017. I began getting to know the organisation when I first started looking into the possible application of Semantic Web technologies for online safety. One thing lead to another and my W3C experience eventually included:

  1. Chair of the first incubator group (W3C Content Label Incubator Group).
  2. Chair of the POWDER WG (that lead on from the incubator).
  3. Member of the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group (June 2005 - 2009) for which I edited or was an acknowledged contributor to 6 published Notes or Recommendations.
  4. Team member responsible for further developing and running online training in mobile Web and SVG (2009 - 2010);
  5. Co-organised and ran workshop on Augmented Reality on the Web (June 2010); lead to establishment of Points of Interest Working Group.
  6. Contractor brought in to update and run a revised version of the Mobile Web Best Practices Course (2011)
  7. Team member September 2011 - December 2013 working on eGovernment, particularly in EU-funded projects in this area.
  8. December 2013 - September 2016, Data Activity lead, coordinating new and current work around developent of the Web of data. In particular working on
  9. September 2016 - June 2017, Data Strategist, meaning more or less the same as my role as Data Activity lead but with slightly different emphasis following an internal reorganisation.

So that's AC Rep, working group member, working group chair, contractor and team member. Quite a comprehensive set of roles at this organisation.