Phil Archer

Disney Pins: Exemplary Service

A Disney Pin. Mickey Mouse is holding as Union Flag
The Disney Pin supplied by Jim Thomasson of Omar's Tent

Last month we went on a family visit to Disneyland Paris. While there, my son bought 3 Disney Pins: one each with the UK, French and Dutch flags. Knowing how good he is at losing small things I said I'd look after them for him. And, er… I lost one. I managed to keep the French and Dutch ones but, well, I lost the Union Flag one.

Feeling very guilty I looked online for someone who could cover up my failure. I was unaware that Disney Pins were so collectible and sought after so it wasn't as easy as I had expected. I was pleased however to find Omar's Tent, run by Jim Thomasson.

I found a picture of the pin I'd lost, placed an order… and then heard nothing for about a week. But then I got a note from Jim saying that he was really sorry he'd missed my original order, he was processing it today and he'd give me a full refund.

And that's what he did.

I've now received the pin (buried in many layers of packaging to ensure safe passage from California to UK) and it hasn't cost me anything.

What can I say other than thank you very much Jim.

Omar's Tent does a lot of other things besides Disney Pins — right now, for example, there are some special deals on M&Ms — but Disney collectibles are a feature of what they do. If Omar's Tent has what you want, I absolutely recommend you buy from them!